Gedimino pr. 37, Vilnius


Alvyda Eigminienė. The owner of restaurant - the director.

Alvyda is a well-known personality in the restaurant business and active member in the Lithuanian hotel and restaurant association. Four years is a member of CHAÎNE DES RÔTISSEURS Lithuania and the Lithuanian sommelier association. Alvyda is interested in different cultures cuisine, drinks, food traditions, etiquette and table decoration.  She is in collaboration with the European food and wine producers. Regularly participates in courses and trainings in all Europe. The process of eating she understands and treats like socialization, communication, interaction between families, communities. The knowledge and experience  about “slow food“ concept motivated her to open her own restaurant. Love to food, culture,  and history could not have been kept inside...

Arvidas Eigminas. The owner of restaurant.

Arvidas aim to create healthier life for a family turned into a special relation with family life and traditions. A hobby to raise sheep and produce family with ecological meat became one of his business. The number of sheep growing in Arvidas farm started to increase. Arvidas was more and more interested in the World of sheep growers and started to attend specialised meetings in Lithuania and abroad.  In order to get the best of what sheep can provide Arvidas started to raise Romanov sheep, but the unfavorable climate changed the plans. There were also raised lithuanian blackheads. Currently Arvidas, in collaboration with the Estonian sheep growers, who belong to the Estonian sheep growers association,  is raising Texel sheep. This kind of sheep breed is grown in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Indonesia, Peru, Russia, Germany and Africa. Texel sheep are rapidly growing and maturing, have a  good amount of meat and wool. Arvidas contribution is very important. It is not just a restaurant promotion, but also a protection to  the public welfare through family activities and traditions.