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About us

The concept of restaurant

“Festina lente“ -  hasten slowly, according to the Latin wisdom. The process of eating became not a social event object because of busy daily routine,  also it effected families which spends time together less and less. Carlo Petrini has initiated a new philosophical thought about slow food, where the main thing is a human and the source of life - food.

"Slow Food Movement" philosophy is closely related to the Latin wisdom and the selected sentence symbol of snail: take your time, spend time with your family and friends. It is important to recognize the enjoyment of food, learn to enjoy flavors and do not get lost between food growing and producing communities diversity. Slow Food movement's goal – get together producers and consumers, educate and train people to understand food, food culture, traditions and at the same time as much as possible try to take people away from the fast-food consumption.

We are sending the message to society that a person, who eats without enjoyment and countinues working, seekings for goals is not healthy and right. In this fast -moving society, people have to stop, look around and see family members, friends, and people who surrounds. It's amazing when we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner with our family, surrounded  by the beautiful environment. We can taste and share. We can communicate and try not to be a part of nowadays society.